Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 10 Lisbon

From Sam's Journal:
Today we went to an apartment and went outside and walked. Like walk, walk, walk, walk 5 miles. Then we went to the food market and played in a park. Then we did the same thing until we ate dinner. We got home. I had one hundred and 2.3 temp and well I'm sick.

From Davis's Journal:
Lisbon was a big city with a big port. But my personal favorite parts were the awesome food court, playground and the tuk tuks. and best of all the plaza. We watched a drum solo and played line tag with my dad.

From Amber's Journal:
Again we woke early and moved on. We came downstairs and had breakfast in the group dining room of our hostel. We loaded the cars and were on our way. This time we had Graham and Sam in our car and they were almost silent. The drive was short this time and we came into Lisbon over a huge bridge with a statue of Jesus looming over us. The streets were very narrow and full of traffic and we had a hard time finding our apartment. We finally made it and Michael returned our car with Rob while Cheris and I got the kids into the apartment and had some wine. Then we set off by foot to explore Lisbon Our host in Evora had given us a print out about a fabulous food market in Lisbon by the water and we headed there right away. We walked a while as I led us on the wrong path, but we found it eventually and it was divine. It was truly amazing and we all had delicious lunch before heading across the street to a little park with a playground. We had a coffee at the kiosk there while the kids played and Davis begged us to take a ride on a tuk tuk. We denied him and went to find the street car.
Lisbon is like a mix between Old San Juan and San Francisco. The street cars are called trams there and go up and down the busy cobblestoned streets that seem to all be very steep. We managed to get on the number 28, but it was very crowded and rather warm and pretty soon motion sickness kicked in for me and I had to get us all off. We found a gorgeous plaza nearby with a huge stone arch. We made our way there and listened to music and strolled around. It was so fun. The sun had come out and we were all very happy. We walked across the plaza to the sea and Sam and Graham jumped the small waves.
I wanted to hear fado music, but I couldn't find any! We wandered around looking, but no one was playing it on the streets. I did find a ginghenja stand we all sipped the strong cherry liquor. It definitely had a kick!
We had a quick drink and some olives in the plaza and then walked up some more hills on our way to dinner at a restaurant we had been referred to by our coffee barista at the kiosk earlier in the day. He had told us it was a cheap restaurant with great views and a circus theme. He was right about the great views. There was a circus theme downstairs, but upstairs it was very fancy. The view was incredible though and Michael and I had some amazing seafood dishes. Samuel was getting very sick by this time and running a temp, so after dinner we taxied back to the apartment and put him right to bed. We put a movie on for the kids and headed out to our enclosed patio for wine and conversation. It was our last night with our friends and we were so sad.
We had the very best vacation with Cheris and Rob and the kids and didn't want to leave them.

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