Monday, March 14, 2016

Day 2 Paris

Bon Jour! It's my birthday!
I woke up this morning at the wonderful hour of 8AM. That means we all slept 11 hours AND IT WAS WONDERFUL!
In fact, even when I woke and got pretty and turned on all the lights and opened the curtains and ordered room service coffee (20euros for two cups!!!!!!), the kids were still sleeping. Michael and I finally woke them and rushed them out of the hotel in order to make our tour time of 10:30AM. We took the metro and only made one directional error. We arrived with five minutes to spare and found a nearby bolangerie to grab croissants and coffee (and a plain roll for Samuel). His stomach was in distress from the crepe we ate the night before despite the lactaid I gave him. Moral of the story? Samuel still cannot have any kind of dairy even baked into something. Sigh. Paris is not as fun for him as it is for the rest of us.

We went out and met our tour after inhaling breakfast. We had booked a group tour with Fat Tire Tours after reading reviews online. It was affordable and got great reviews and the kids love to bike so we thought it would be a win. It was, mostly. The tour guide was fantastic and very punny (P intended). We learned a ton about the city and we all enjoy biking. It gives you a much more intimate feel of a city than being in a car. The only problem was that it was COLD. Very cold. We had to stop and buy gloves for the kids. The sun disappeared and it was in the low forties. Still, we powered through and really did have a nice time. After the tour we stopped back at the bakery for a poimme tarte and coffee to warm up. Then we took the metro back to the hotel.
Michael and Davis and I listened to music and Davis even agreed to learn to dance with me. Room service came by with a divine piece of chocolate cake for my birthday that we all sampled. Samuel was lying in bed with a movie and his poor dairy churning belly- no crepe is worth it. Davis tried out the bidet which was hilarious for all of us. We edited pictures and sipped wine.

Finally I pried Samuel out of his bed, dosed him with meds and we took the metro out to the ninth arrondissement to a restaurant called Le Boullion Chartier. It had been recommended to us by our tour guide, Johnny. It was very reasonably priced and the portions were good. The restaurant was beautiful and charming. The food was fine, but it was great fun to give Davis escargot and take pictures. Final verdict? He liked it! Also, the wine was cheap. Win! Everything is expensive in Paris except the wine.
After dinner we wandered the streets, stopping for sorbet and looking in beautiful shops in the marche.
We are back at the hotel now, cozy warm. Michael got us a bottle of red wine and the kids are in their jammies. The only decision left is whether to take a grown up trip down to the bar. It's been a lovely birthday in gay paree.


cheris said...

So pretty! Happy birthday!

John Sessions said...

Cool bourree Davis! Listen to Debussy's Clair de lune, and La mer or Ravel's Ondine and ask around at where they might have lived and wrote if you get a chance! I bet you might could even find Debussy's piano somewhere in Paris. Chopin lived there for many years too, and I'm sure you could tour his apartment. France is a country with a rich musical history, and I hope to see all of the sights one day. Go enjoy it for me! Sorry to hear about Sam's stomach problems, but got a good laugh at Davis' escargot pictures. Have fun! Bon anniversarie!