Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Drama Career and Opening Night

The big day arrived on Wednesday and it was pretty successful. We sold out the show to many parent's chagrin. We added seats and got everyone in, but it was still a bit contentious at first. Hopefully next time we will have more nights and people will buy their tickets early!
I taught all day and then drove over to the Southridge Rec center to prep for the kids. My mom had sent over a huge, amazing bouquet of yellow roses which completely surprised me and knocked me off my feet. She and my dad had always sent yellow roses to all my performances, but it has been so long and I wasn't performing and I just wasn't expecting it. It made me feel like she was here with me.
The kids and parents all arrived and it was mass chaos and then all of sudden we were opening the curtain. I was backstage supervising all the sound and lighting cues which were INSANE. We had some tech problems as we couldn't get the house lights down in act one and the sound quit in act two, but we stayed positive and the kids didn't seem to notice or mind too much.
The kids were amazing! They were loud and completely engaged and they remembered all their notes and blocking and I was so, so proud of them. I came out at intermission and sold posters and the drama teacher said such nice things about the work I did. At the end of the plays the kids brought up three bouquets of flowers for me and a beautiful picture signed by all of them and they all gave me hugs and I was filled up with love. It was a magical experience.
I came home and crashed hard. I threw out my back in Texas over Thanksgiving break and had snuck into the doctor on Monday morning before my classes to hear that I had probably herniated a disk and was put on two weeks of steroids and pain killers and muscle relaxers and told to rest. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
So I had been dealing with all of that through dress rehearsals and teaching and the performances. By Wednesday night after the shows, I came home, put hot dogs in tortillas for the kids, told them to put themselves to bed and crawled in bed.
But it was totally worth it because the show was amazing and fulfilling and made me feel truly part of my community here.
Also on Wednesday, before the show, but after I taught my classes, I had a meeting with the principal. I took in several pages of documents I had prepared including a timeline for next year's show, suggestions for cross curriculum and community development and a budget. I told her my dream for the drama program at STEM. I also offered to run it. She thought that was a good idea. It's not for sure yet, but it looks like a very strong possibility that I will be the drama teacher for middle school at STEM next year. We will need to wait until March when we see how many kids have chosen drama for an elective. And I will need to apply through the county website and they will have to check my transcript. And then after they hire me I will have to do a year long teacher certification program to get my teacher's license while I am concurrently a teacher at STEM. But it looks like that maybe the way the wind is blowing. Many parents have apparently written in to request for me to a teacher. I could maybe do a high school or elementary class as well. I have another meeting with the principal in February and I will know more then. But I'm excited about the possibility.
Aso, the school newsletter came out on Friday and I was named volunteer of the month! That's a great honor as it's a K-12 school with lots of clubs and volunteers. It's also a win because I get a front row parking spot and parking is very, very hard to find at the school. Plus it snows here and front row parking is even more important than in Texas.
So all in all, the show was a success- for the kids, and for me. I loved working with them and will continue to volunteer with the kids all spring semester as well, though we won't do another big show. Thanks for letting me share it all here with you and thank you for all the support and love on Facebook.

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