Monday, February 13, 2017

Hard Week, Great Weekend

Last week was a hard one. I was in a serious funk. I felt lonely and isolated. Michael was out of town, the weather was cold and grey and I was on a diet. It just wasn't good. I couldn't find joy.
The weekend was better. We had a warm, gorgeous day on Friday. The temperature was in the upper seventies and the sun was shining and I felt so much better. I went for a walk with my friend Shelly and then sat outside on the deck with my book in the sunshine. After school, the kids and I walked to the park and played some tennis. That evening, Michael came home! I was happy to see him.
Saturday we spent the day at home. Sam made the cutest Valentine box and Michael and I helped him. I made a bazillion heart shaped sugar cookies for Sam's class party. The kids played with their neighborhood friends all day and had an epic nerf war in the green space and all through our house. Michael and I played lots of ping pong. I went on an hour long walk with the dog and listened to my audio book. Michael and I exchanged gifts with each other and the kids since he is in Philadelphia this week and will miss Valentine's Day. I gave Michael a new puffer coat and he bought me some clothes and made me a heart covered in notecards that are all incredibly romantic. We gave the kids tickets to the Alamo Drafthouse to see the new Lego Batman movie. It was good. That evening, Suzy and Jason took our kids and theirs to open gym night and we went on a double date. We went to Hodson's at Southglenn and then over to K1 speed to do some go-carting, but the wait was too long. After that we went to Jake's which is a bar in downtown Littleton. We stayed for a drink and then went home. Suzy and I sat at my kitchen table while the boys went to pick up our kiddos. It was such a fun night! I had a great time laughing and talking with friends.
Sunday we slept in and skipped church. The kids made pancakes and then played with Leah and Garrett all day. We made a loaf of bread and I went for a walk. Then we played a family game of Catan. Davis and Garrett made a huge Valentine's box in the garage for Garrett's class party and Leah played with me. Jason took the kids to the skate park and Michael did some work while I planned some travel. That evening, we loaded up the kids and went to see the Lego Movie. I thought it was cute, but not as good as the original. The kids LOVED it.
Michael is gone again today and it is gray and cold, but I am still holding on to the good feelings. I am not sad. I feel purposeful and useful today. I will hold on to the joy as much as I can all week. I have an important meeting today and if things go well, I will have cause for more joy. To be continued...

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