Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter in the Hood

We spent the weekend in our neighborhood. Friday evening all the kids played in our front yard until the sun went down. Michael and I played pingpong and sipped wine with the garage door open and the kids picked flowers for potions and it was lovely.

Saturday Sam made early morning pancakes, we cleaned house and I did some cooking before we took the kids to tennis at 11AM. When we picked them up we drove up to the Pancake house for lunch out and then drove up to the Denver REI flagship store to pick up some hiking boots I had ordered and check it out. Davis did the rock wall and loved it and we scoped out some items for the big REI garage sale next weekend.

We got home around 3, just in time to host some neighbors and their children to dye Easter eggs on my back patio. I figured all the kids would be here when we dyed mine so why not ask everyone to do it all together. I boiled eggs and put down many cups full of dye. I put on music and supervised and Michael helped and it was actually really fun. Suzy came over with trays of shaving cream and food coloring and the kids tried dying their eggs that way too. Anna came over and the dogs came out and a party was made. The sun was shining and we all dyed and stuffed plastic eggs for some time.
That evening, Suzy and Jason came over and we played ping pong in the garage while the kids watched movies downstairs. We moved the ping pong table and it made for a much improved game. I'm getting better and while still being the worst of all the adults, I'm beating the children regularly. Suzy also got me to download bitmoji and now all I want to do is send people funny texts.

Michael flew out early, early Sunday morning for Ohio, while the kids and I still slept. Eventually the kids came down and checked out their Easter baskets before going back upstairs to play in their rooms. I served home made coconut cake and chocolate bunnies for breakfast and then we picked up Garrett and Leah for church. It was the flower communion and I enjoyed the service. After church they hosted an easter egg hunt and the kids enjoyed that too.

We came home and shared a rainbow pasta salad I had prepared for our Easter lunch and the kids went out to play while I set up a party. I had bought a piñata and cascarones and fifty plastic eggs and I stuffed eight more eggs with money. I put out the water dispenser and put on music.

At two six neighborhood families and one family from STEM came over and we had ourselves a neighborhood Easter egg hunt. We sent the kids inside to watch Puss and Boots episodes and all the adults cruised our neighborhood block to hide a bazillion plastic eggs. The kids poured out of the house and did some hunting. They seemed to have a great time. Adults followed the kids and took pictures and then I came outside with prosecco and filled up some cups and passed them around. As the egg hunt wound down, I handed out cascarones and taught these Colorado natives about eggs filled with confetti. It was fun. Then we all made our way down to the basketball hoop at the culdesac where Jason had hung the piñata for me. The kids lined up and I blindfolded them and then they whacked that piñata as hard as they could. Every kid got a swing except for two (Garrett and Davis) before Sam cracked it open. The kids swarmed over the detritus and picked out every last piece of cheap candy and then ran off to play and we picked up the pieces and made our way back to my yard.
I cleaned up for a while and then rested for twenty minutes before loading up the car with the kids and heading out to the Varsity Inn for greasy pizza and hamburgers and 80's style video games. We met the Danielson's there and we stared bleary eyed at each other while our kids stuffed their faces and played some more. We were exhausted, but we agreed we had created a pretty great day for the kiddos.
I missed my family so much on Easter. I saw pictures of their beautiful laughing faces at the beach and I wondered why the hell I had removed myself so far away from them. I missed my husband on the holiday and he missed us right back. Holidays are hard right now and I'm not going to lie. But I made the very most of what I had and I am grateful for those moments. Spring in Colorado is beautiful and I have good friends here. For that I am grateful.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring has Sprung

It has been a very busy first ten days of April. The Colorado weather is playing with me. We had gorgeous flowering trees and sun and warm days and then the next day we had a snowstorm. Twenty four hours later all the snow had melted and the trees were flowering and the grass was greener and the sun was shining.
I've been teaching drama and trying to get my two one acts ready for performances. It's really hard to get the time and the focus when we don't have a good rehearsal space. I've also interviewed for the position officially and will find out hopefully this week if I'm offered a teaching position at the school.
Samuel has been sick since before Davis's birthday with headache and low grade fever and lethargy. He's missed all but one day of school. He missed all of PARCC testing. We went to the doctor three times and today the doctor thinks that Sam has been suffering from migraines. He started a new migraine medication tonight. We have to keep him home two more days to observe how the medication treats him. We are also doing blood work tomorrow to rule out infections and mono.
We are realizing that our new home in our beloved neighborhood is a bit of lemon. While assembling our new outdoor dining table on the back porch, we realized that our siding is rotting some places. Then we realized that it was rotting because our gutters are rusted through. Then we realized that our deck is rotting through too and probably needs replacing. Our floors need replacing too as they are buckling and they pinch and break the skin of our feet if we go barefoot in the house. Sigh.
So I really need this job.
We've also been putting our final touches on our summer plans and realizing that we don't have a single weekend all summer with nothing on it. It's going to be so fun! I can't wait to fully enjoy all that Colorado has to offer in the beautiful summer season.
Our weekend was gorgeous and though quiet as we stayed home a lot with headachy Sam, still we managed to have a lot of fun. The neighborhood kids were out in full force. I made chocolate chip cookies the size of my face and took them out on my bluebonnet platter to all the kids. The kids played tag and frisbee, ping pong, scooter, legos, bootchie and eventually drew the longest chalk hopscotch ever. Suzy and Jason came over Saturday evening and we played Catan and sipped the first of the Spring Rose wines.
Michael has been in town since spring break and it is very nice and very odd. We have been taking care of a lot of spring projects and spring cleaning. We are thinking if we put in new floors and have to move the furniture anyway, we may move some rooms around. We shall see.
This week Davis has PARCC testing and so the schedule is all turned around, but we stay busy and muddle through it.
The good weather looks like it will last through Easter. We planned to go down to Taos for a long weekend, but Michael has to fly to South Carolina on Easter morning, so we will stay in the hood for the holiday. I ordered cascarones and a piñata and I am trying to convince my neighbors to have an Easter potluck party with for Easter afternoon.
So Spring has finally sprung around here, with the odd snowstorm thrown in. Wish us luck on cheap flooring estimates, cheap deck and gutter estimates, head-ache cures, smooth PARCC testing, job offers, and Easter travels. We need them.
Happy Spring!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Davis is 12!

Davis had a great birthday. He woke up early on Friday morning and we opened presents and had cupcakes for breakfast. After school, he came home and played and received birthday FaceTime calls and at 5PM friends started to arrive. He has never had a friend over from school as it is hard to make friends in middle school, but he had three of the four he invited show up! We also had the neighborhood children that are his very best friends here and so a party was made. Michael picked up a bazillion pizzas from Dominos and I made lemonade. The kids played scooter in the garage until time to eat and then destroyed a bazillion pizzas and 4 quarts of lemonade. Then my friend Shelly came over in her minivan and Michael drove our car and we transported the kids to our local movie theater, which is very nice. Davis had requested tickets to opening night of "Boss Baby" in the premiere balcony area as his birthday party. This was easily accomplished and made an easy party. All the kids got movie candy instead of a cake and the waitress brought them all water on a tray. Michael sat the row behind and supervised and Shelly and I went next door to Bar Louie for drinks and dinner. It was a win! Samuel had a slight fever, so we didn't have the neighborhood kids over for a sleepover, but Davis understood and declared it an amazing day.
Davis had a birthday month and I am very happy to celebrate him. He is an amazing twelve year. He is independent, thoughtful, empathetic, hard working, and responsible. He is still competitive and bossy and strong willed, but I can see him slowly shaping those personality traits into leadership qualities. (some days). He still loves all things with wheels. Right now the obsession takes it's form in pro scooters and RC cars. He still wants to be a mechanical engineer and work for Tesla. He still reads and reads and reads. He will often go through two or three novels a week, spending hours on the weekend in bed, reading. He is getting pretty good at tennis and is so fast. He's a straight A student and works so hard on homework and in his classes. He has no interest in romance at all. He spends a LOT of time thinking about what his first car should be. Right now it's a classic volkswagen beetle. I am very proud of him and love spending time with him. Happy Birthday, Davis!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hyatt Lost Pines 40th Birthday Bash

My birthday weekend at Hyatt Lost Pines was absolutely amazing. I loved it so much. I was with the people I love most in a beautiful place during the most beautiful time of year. My favorite moments were sitting by the campfire having s'mores and red wine, leisurely breakfasts at the buffet, watching my children reconnect with their best friends, playing tennis with my friends and sitting by the pool watching more and more people I love arrive. I had so much joy. It was everything I hoped it would be.