Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New York City/Bette Midler

At the beginning of fall break, I flew out solo, straight from school to meet my mom, Denise and Gary in NYC to see Bette Midler in Hello Dolly.

We stayed at the Lucerne Hotel on the upper west side and it was lovely. The first night, I got in very late and just fell asleep. The next day we walked all over New York City. We walked through Central Park and down to Rockefeller Center where we ate a lovely lunch and saw a car show. We walked down the Times Square and up through Lincoln Center and stopped for dessert before making our way back to our hotel for a good rest before the show.

That evening we made our way to the theater and saw the most amazing production of Hello Dolly. Bette Midler has always been a true idol of mine. I remember lying in bed during my angsty teen years with my stereo blaring her albums. I love her so much and have always wanted to see her live. This was such a dream come true.
After the show, we went on to Don't Tell Mama, which was so fun. I could have stayed there all night.

The next day we walked the Highline and through the village and all the way into Chinatown where we waited over an hour for dim sum at Nom Wah, my favorite restaurant there. It was worth it! We came back up through an October fest near Penn Station and then went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at Prune.

We met in the bar for cocktails at our hotel and then took a long Lyft ride down to the west village to have dinner at Prune. Mom and I had been there before on a previous trip after reading the book, "Blood, Bones and Butter", which was written by the chef there. We loved it and were excited to visit again. Our food was absolutely delicious and we were so happy. We saw at the open window and drank wine and ate bites and laughed and teased. It was great.
The next morning was rainy, but we ran across the street for bagels and coffee before heading to the airport to fly on to Texas. It was a quick trip, but so fun. New York is my favorite place on earth.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Leaf Peeping in Beaver Creek

This Thursday, my mama flew in for a quick weekend visit. We had professional development day on Friday, so I worked a half day and then we loaded up the kids and drove up to Beaver Creek. I had used our free Hyatt globalist night at the Park Hyatt and gotten a second night for a ridiculously low rate. I had guessed and hoped and prayed that this weekend would fall in peak leaf changing season and I think I was right! The leaves were spectacular. Colorado took the first day of fall very seriously and changed our 80 degree and sunny weather on the 21st to 50 degree and rainy weather on the 22nd. But we didn't mind. The hotel had a lovely spa and Suzy had sent me a link to a groupon for facial or massage there so we all indulged. It was great. We sat by the giant fire pits and the kids ice skated and made s'mores. We played mexican train in the gorgeous hotel overlooking the village. Samuel has been struggling with a migraine all week and it got to him half way through Saturday. He spent the afternoon and evening in the room and Davis joined him that evening for room service and a movie while mom and Michael and I had the best Italian food and conversation at a restaurant across the way from the hotel. We had such a good time.
We drove back Sunday morning and while we had frost in Aspen, it had snowed in Vail pass! The white snow made a beautiful contrast with the golden orange aspens and the dark green evergreens. We took pictures all the way home and did a scenic drive through down the adorable Georgetown's main street.
That evening, Mom and I hosted book group and the next day she had to fly away. It was a fantastic visit, but too short! Still, it was so nice to share the absolute beauty of our Colorado home with my mama.

Monday, September 18, 2017

House Improvements!

In the last 15 months we have completely re-done our lemon of a house. We have built an entire BAR area downstairs, put on new gutters, bought all new window shades and treatments, put in almost all new lighting fixtures, fixed the sprinkler system, built a little patio in front of our back gate, had our gate re-done, put in two dog doors, fixed the garage door, painted several interior walls, re-finshed our table, put in ALL NEW doors and windows (fancy double paned ones), cut back our front tree, pulled out our dying backyard tree, planted two new trees, planted landscaping, pulled out ALL of our old floors (except my bathroom), put in ALL NEW carpet and ALL NEW LVT planking, put in new baseboards in many rooms, pulled off old nasty lumber off indoor trim, moved the kids room's downstairs and basically shuffled all of our furniture in the house, had our heater and A/C tuned and updated, pulled our old deck off the back of the house, had new siding and new trim put on the house, built a Little Lending Library, put on NEW GIANT DECK, and had full EXTERIOR paint job done. It's been a lot. A lot.
But it's done. (Except for the master bedroom and all the painted doors and fixtures, but that HAS to wait as we are BROKE. But we are happy. Our house feels like US now. And we are snug and safe. And we have transformed our lemon house into a beautiful, wonderful home. Huzzah!