Michael is 50! (and Rosie is 1!)

 In between Winter Park weekends, Michael celebrated his 50th birthday and Rosie celebrated her 1st. Michael chose to have a quiet birthday after the big polo celebration and stay in. I decorated a little, we ordered in Thai food, watched the new marvel show, What if?, and had delicious ice cream from Heaven. Rosie had a cookie and lots of pets.

Winter Park Weekends

  For two weekends in a row, we have rented our favorite condo from our friends and spent the weekends in Winter Park. It is SO fun! Davis has a trestle downhill pass and we meet our friends the Rileys and the Perrys (our mountain bike family) and the kids ride all day, I hike around in the mountains and we have communal dinner either at the rigs or at the condo. The first weekend we met everyone up there after the Heritage back to school dance which turned out to be a germ factory. I drove up Aidan and Sam after school on Friday. We unpacked and then had a lovely dinner at Lime before coming back to the condo where the boys watched John Wick and I took a long bath. Michael, Davis and Garrett came up late after the dance and we all fell asleep. That Saturday was lovely, but quite cold. Sam and G tried downhilling with the others and really enjoyed it. Michael and I got an activity pass and did the alpine slide a lot of times. We read in our adirondack chairs by the lift and ate lunch a

Polo Weekend for Michael's Birthday

Friday Photos: Saturday Photos: Sunday Photos:  This year we got two tables at DA2030's charity polo weekend. We invited all our favorite people to help Michael celebrate his 50th birthday. Mom and Paul and Tiffany and Keith and Cheris and Rob and Steven and his girlfriend Amber all flew in just for the weekend!  Our local friends joined in too and we had a party! Mom and Paul got us a limo as Michael's birthday present for Friday's fancy night at Wings over the Rockies.  Cheris and I got our hair and nails done. Christin and Suzy went to get their makeup done. I had four dress options for Friday night and due to a lot of factors, ended up wearing a completely different one at the last minute. I was stressed as it really wasn't dressy enough, but I looked okay in it and it was comfortable so that was all good. The weather was warm, but not too smoky from all the fires so that was okay. Michael has quit drinking and was worried about how much fun polo would be without bo