Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sam's Birthday Party

Samuel's birthday isn't until Tuesday, but because his birthday is on the holiday weekend, we decided to have his birthday party on Friday night. It was cold and rain turned to sleet on our way there, so we were happy we decided to host his party at the South Suburban Family Fun Center instead of gambling on an outdoor venue. This was the same place he had his party last year and he wanted to do it again. I love it. It's kind of far, but it has tons of activities and it's really affordable and they do everything. Decor, balloons, activities and dinner for the kids is included. I picked up a 25 cup Yogurtland catering pack that I had bought at the Polo event last June and we were set.
The grownups all left the kids in the hands of their party hosts and went upstairs to the restaurant/bar for drinks and dinner while the kids did bumper cars, an obstacle course, arcade games, and laser tag. It was really fun for both Sam and me.
Michael had to leave early to go pick up Davis from SeaCamp.(I'll hopefully get some pictures to share of that soon, but I will tell you know that he LOVED it.)
We leave for the Broadmoor on Samuel's real birthday and we will have a family party there, but I wanted to share the pics from last night here.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Daily Life in November

Davis's school dance (I chaperoned)

Day of the Dead Service at Church

Alamo Drafthouse

Stage Combat workshop at school

First Lego League Robotic Competition

*not pictured- neurology visit, eye doctor visit, vet visit, tennis lessons, house cleaning, exercising, bill paying, meal prep, wine drinking.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Rest in Peace, Henry

Last week we made the hard choice to say goodbye to Henry. His quality of life wasn't good any more and we knew it was time, but it was still so hard. He was such a good dog. I like to imagine he is chasing seagulls on the beach again.
We got him when he was a puppy at the shelter. They thought he was probably born at the new year. It was 2003. He was labeled a girl and I named him Daisy. I went to get Michael to introduce him and Michael informed that the dog was definitely NOT a girl. We named him Little King Henry.
We brought him home and made him ours. He aced pet training and we enrolled him in advanced training which he aced as well. He slept in our room until we moved to the ranch. He gently cared for Davis and watched him as he learned to toddle around and often shared his crate with both boys as they thought that was a fabulous play house.
He ruled the ranch when we moved to San Marcos. He accepted our cats as they came and went and happily inducted Sookie into our pack. He didn't jump or lick or bite. He was steady and gentle, always. He hated thunderstorms, but felt safe if we let him inside. He loved to chase squirrels and seagulls before his hips began to ache.
We think he was almost 15 years old when he passed away. We loved him and he loved us back. He will be missed.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Daily Life in October

In between hospital visits and trips to Texas, we have real life. I get up in the morning and walk Sookie through the park, I teach theatre, I drive the kids to lessons and never fail to appreciate the mountain view, the kids play D&D with the neighborhood, we see movies at Alamo Drafthouse, on Fridays we play Catan with Suzy and Jason while the kids watch a movie down stairs, on Sundays we take neighborhood kids to UU church, I occasionally sneak out to Littleton with book group. Here are a few pictures of real life.

Sam's Birthday Party

Samuel's birthday isn't until Tuesday, but because his birthday is on the holiday weekend, we decided to have his birthday party o...