Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend. We attended the Ringling Brother's Zing, Zang, Zoom Circus at the Alamodome in San Antonio on Saturday afternoon. The kids loved it. We had thought our seats wouldn't be very good, but they turned out fantastic. We loved the circus dogs and elephants and tigers and the clowns. It was a wonderful experience to watch the circus and see the magic through the boys' eyes.
Saturday evening we left the kids with a sitter and Kade at my parent's house and drove out to Club 21 to hear my dad and the Lucky Tomblin Band play. We sat at a big table with my mom and sister and Cheris and Rob came out as well. We ate hamburgers and danced a lot and laughed and laughed. It was a good night.
This morning the boys and I presented Michael with a fabulous book called Handy Dad. Michael and the boys immediately picked out a project and went outside to work on building a bottle rocket while I went out for a run. Later we cleaned up and went to church and then changed into swim clothes for a pool party at my mom and dad's house.
I was thrilled to get to spend the day with my dad and grandfather and all of our family all around us. My relationship with my dad is pretty perfect and I love him more than words can say. He is a beautiful soul and I am just lucky I was born as his daughter.
Mom and Tiffany and I put together an amazing late lunch of couscous with tomatoes, cucumbers and mint, ratatouille, whole wheat bread, focaccia, fresh pesto, whole wheat pasta salad, garden spinach salad and spinach salad with strawberries, a fruit platter with peaches, mangoes, cherries and bananas and fresh cut watermelon. We also had chips with guacamole, pita chips, olives, mozzarella, almonds and peanuts for appetizers. Oh, and a brisket! Mom had put out pitchers of iced tea, white wine, red wine and water and a couple of bottles of champagne. It was wonderful.
After a lovely lunch with the extended family and a gift exchange, we all headed down to the pool to launch some more rockets and have a swim. We played outside for hours until we came in and hit the buffet again. We finished off the evening with about six kinds of ice cream and chocolate covered bananas as well as brownies.
The kid's are in bed now, Michael is happily off in the playroom with his headset on, fighting bad guys on his XBox 360 and I have big plans for the couch, a historical fiction romance and a glass of good red wine.
Happy Father's Day, ya'll.

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