Monday, July 19, 2010

Lovin' Him

Just about eight years ago, Michael and I got really drunk in a bar and told each other we loved each other. The funny thing was that it was absolutely true. We'd only been together about a month, but we were pretty darn sure we had found our match.
We were head over heels, can't keep our hands to ourselves, is there anyone else in this room I really wouldn't notice in love with each other.
Michael proposed four months later in a really romantic setting in Aruba with black swans swimming nearby, fancy rings, champagne and amazing words. I said yes. I said yes a lot of times in a row and then I cried. It was awesome.
Seven years ago today we headed for One World Theatre where, surrounded by family and friends, we said I do. And we really, really meant it. It was a really great day and a really fun party.
We've been through a lot in the last seven years. We've moved three times. We had two kids really close together. Michael has changed jobs three times. We have fought a lot. We've made love a lot. We've found happiness together.
We are not the same people who got drunk in the bar. We are different. We've changed each other in so many good ways. By working together we have grown together with our futures and lives totally entwined.
We're still working out the kinks. Things are not always smooth. But oh my goodness we love each other. We never doubt each other. Ever. We are totally 100% dedicated to making it work. I kind of think that's the key.
And I am lovin' him. Every day. And I'm pretty sure he's right there loving me back. That feels pretty good. Michael is a wonderful husband and a terrific father and I am so, so, so lucky to have him. It is truly an anniversary to be celebrated.

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Rob L. said...

That's so sweet. Happy anniversary to you both.