Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Walter Family Mini-Reunion

I already told you about the high school reunion we attended last weekend. Enough said about that I think. I did want to post about the other part of our weekend. That part was the best part for me.
We got to spend four days with Michael's brother, Steven, sister-in-law Melissa and their kids. They all live in California and we don't see them nearly often enough. The kids are seven and three, and are both boys which means that when the cousins get together they have an awesome time. The California Walters don't make it Texas more than once a year and we haven't all spent time together and Michael's parents' house in several years. In fact, the last time was before the youngest boys were born so this was an extra special reunion.
During our long weekend, the kids fished with grandpa, rode big wheels in the front drive, played with all of Micheal's and his brother's old toys and generally had a rip roaring good time. Michael's parents kept all the boys on Friday evening and all of Saturday night while we did various reunion things. On Sunday we had a dinner with some of my in-laws best friends and Michael's Uncle Roy whom I love dearly. On Monday we visited the Houston Childrens Museum which is honestly the best childrens museum I have ever visited. It is awesome.
I love my Walter family. It was wonderful to spend time with Steven and Melissa. They are really fun and it is a great joy to watch Michael and his brother play off of each other. Good times were had. I wish we could play more often, but I think we made the most of it.

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