Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School and quick catch up.

The kids went back to school today. (thank goodness!) They took it very well. Neither is in a new school and so both felt very comfortable and happy to see all their friends. Davis is in Kindergarten now. The only difference that distinction makes in their little Montessori school is that he now gets to sit at a table instead of on a mat. Sam is still half day until January. I got a flurry of work done in the 2.5 hours of free time that school gave me.
I'm working for my Dad's band these days doing their social networking. It's fun and I'm learning a lot. I am also learning how to do all this networking on my new Mac computer. I love my Mac and am getting pretty darn proficient on it, but every day is new lesson.
Michael had a birthday yesterday. We gave him presents and made waffles for breakfast. The day before my mom hosted a big family birthday party for him at her house for a very rainy/thunderstormy "pool" party. It was still a blast though. My uncle was here visiting and we got to celebrate his birthday as well. We will have another birthday celebration for Michael on Saturday with some friends and I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures.
We're pretty sure we're going to get a new poodle in a few weeks. I know you may think we need another dog like we need a hole in the head, but we love dogs and will make it a good family.
And we're getting a new mattress and a real bed tomorrow. Our mattress is over ten years old and Michael bought it on the cheap when he was a single guy. We've been sleeping with the mattress on the floor since we got married, but now we are moving up. Literally! I will post pictures of the gorgeousness of our bed after is delivered.
And that's it for now. Cheers! Amber

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