Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kite flying

I've been trying to limit the kids' TV time lately. (It's probably a pretty stupid idea since I'm also currently having 'roid rage.) We've done science projects and baking and painting. And a lot of me begging them to go find a toy and play with it. I sent them outside after dinner tonight for a homemade Popsicle and some outside time since a storm is coming in and it's cooler right now. After their Popsicle they came inside and insisted I fetch their kites because the wind was really blowing.
I was already feeling very DONE with today, but I sucked it up and got out the kites against my better judgement. I grabbed the camera and went outside. Their joy was contagious and for about 3.5 minutes we had pure bliss in the backyard. Then Sam let out all the string despite my yelled instructions to stop it and the kite got caught in a tree and fell in the pond. I rescued it and we tried again. This time I think we had about 45 seconds of bliss before Sam let out all his string again, let his kite get tangled with Davis', broke Davis' kite's string and got caught in a tree again.
I sent Davis inside with the broken kite and the camera and tried to get the kite unstuck again. While attempting this I was swarmed with ants and basically had a temper tantrum worthy of a two year old including jumping up and down and foot stamping.
So I took them inside and put on Dora the Explorer.
I tried, right?
The pictures are cute.


cheris said...

Hmmm... I *knew* I should've come down there. I was totally DONE with my day too... we could've been done together.

cheris said...

Oh and also... remember yesterday when you told me I need to take it easy to get better? Well, I think it's ok for the kids to watch TV while you're recovering from this craziness and Michael is out of town. No guilt! Get better!