Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Michael's out of town a LOT

Michael just informed me that he's booked his travel for the sixth week in a row to be out of town. Five weeks totally gone while he's in Dallas and one week where he drove to Cedar Park every day, which totally counts as out of town because he never got home before the kids went to bed. And there is no end in sight.
Yes. I KNOW I should be grateful he has a job. I AM. But I am also allowed to have a mini pity party before I pick myself up and get back to having it all together.
It doesn't help that I have decided I am ten pounds over my top allowable weight and I must do something about it now before it's holiday season and I lose the battle all together. Cutting calories and exercising is one thing, but what about my comfort foods?!?!
Whenever I'm stressed or tired I want Mexican food. Chips and salsa and cheese and beer. And if I can't have that I want fried rice. Or dark chocolate coated almonds. And lots of red wine.
Why can't those be diet foods?
Can't you people just love me curvy?
I'm going to go surf travel deals and make plans for next year when Michael has a clean slate of vacation days that I haven't already used up. While I drink a glass of red wine.
So there.
Tomorrow I'll run three miles and do pilates and get back to being positive and stuff. Tomorrow.

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