Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Plate is Full

I like to feel competent. I like to accept responsibility, feel busy, purposeful, and helpful. This makes me say "yes" a lot. I like to say yes. But I have the feeling I'm going to have to say "no" pretty soon.
Right now I have three dogs and one is a puppy. I have two small children. I have a husband who is out of town A LOT lately and who will be leaving for another full week tomorrow. I am helping to throw (coordinate) my high school reunion and my best friends wedding in the next three weeks. I've also agreed to be lay leader at our UU church. I am on the board of a fantastic (busy) organization. I'm on three committees at our church. I have a part time job. I make a concerted effort to cook for my Grandparents. I'm chair of the Montessori fundraiser committee. I've agreed to teach music at the Montessori. And I just auditioned for a play. (Me! First audition in six years! And for a fun community theater where I hope to volunteer and become a part of in the future! This so deserves it's own post...)
These are things I want to do. I'm committed. I love having the freedom to do so many wonderful things. And so far they really aren't overwhelming. I'm happy and in control and I feel good. I think I can accomplish all and I don't think it will stress me out too much. (except maybe the puppy).
But I do think that my plate is full. I need to leave some room to play, be spontaneous, and enjoy this life I work so hard to make full and fun.
Just sayin'.

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