Monday, September 27, 2010

Whirlwind weekend

Got my hair cut and colored in preparation for the reunion/wedding/fundraiser event bonanza that is October.
Michael came home!
Hosted a large, fun, kid-filled playdate/lunch.
Went out for lovely dinner and drank an entire bottle of wine on my parent's porch with a fabulous friend.
Led the service at our super liberal church.
Attended a political soiree at my parents house.
Had a final reunion planning meeting with high school peeps.
Fall weather came in!
Had a lovely playdate with one of my besties.
Now I'm preparing to send Michael off to Dallas again for another week. And another after that.
Tomorrow is my first rehearsal. (Insert suspenseful, scary music here)
And I'm going to start my half-marathon training in the morning. (More suspenseful, scary music)
Enjoy the pictures. Outside has been a glorious place to be the last few days.

1 comment:

cheris said...

Wow, you got those pictures up there FAST.
Good luck tomorrow. And... 1/2 marathon? You neglected to mention that you have completely lost your mi...I mean... wow! A 1/2 marathon! ;)