Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There has been a lot of cooking around here lately. The wedding was wonderful, but exhausting. It took me several days to feel like myself again, like maybe I wasn't going to have a breakdown. Michael spent another week out of town and I continued to try to keep up with and feel on top of everything.
When I am stressed, cooking is therapy for me. I put the ingredients together, sometimes from a recipe and sometimes from my imagination, and I do some spells and incantations and it turns into something at least edible and at most delicious. It feels good to make magic. It's restorative some how.
I have been cooking dinner for grandparents at least five times a week. I cooked for the bake sale for the kids' montessori school fundraiser. I did some canning- made beautiful hot-sweet peppers that are divine on sandwiches, salads, chicken and fish.
I suppose/hope that my kids will remember me in the kitchen with my red apron and the smell of spices in the air.

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