Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lucky's Birthday and CD release party

My Dad's band, The Lucky Tomblin Band recently released their fourth CD to rave reviews. They scheduled both their CD release parties on my dad's birthday weekend. Not only was it the CD release party and my dad's birthday, it was also my Uncle Larry's birthday and my cousin Manie's boyfriend Sean's birthday as well. We planned to go to the show at Cheatham Street here in San Marcos to help celebrate all these milestones. Lots of people came in on Friday and went to the gig on Friday. On Saturday, everyone congregated at my parents house to play bocce ball and horseshoes, lounge by the pool, bbq and just hang out and listen to music. On Saturday evening we all went to Cheatham street to hear the band play. We all had a great time. If you haven't checked out the band, you should have a listen. I've been doing all the social networking for the band and it has been easy promoting them, because they are so good. Enjoy the pictures.

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