Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not quite Overwhelmed

By the way, I am still almost* overwhelmed, but I am keeping up.
Michael was home for one week and is now out of town again for the next month. I will see him on weekends though and we saw him for a brief hour and a half yesterday as he drove from Dallas to Del Rio.
I dropped out of Amahl, for lots of reasons that all led to the fact that if I had continued in the production I would have crossed that line into full fledged Overwhelmed status.
I went to see a holistic doctor on Tuesday that had tremendous success helping my sister. I have great hopes that he will help me get rid of nausea that has plagued me daily since May. We did a full blood test for all foods, a celiac/gluten test and a hormone test. I'll have the results to the first two in two weeks.
I was trying to go to Tuesday evening Unitarian church fellowship service and discussion group, but the time of day combined with the fact that the kids go straight from school to gymnastics to church was causing a certain type of behavior from the children that was pushing me into Overwhelmed. We'll see if I can manage it again. I took this week off.
I am taking a training through the organization for which I am a board member where I can become a mentor for teens in foster care. I'm really excited about it.
Next weekend Michael and I will get away without our children for five amazing, fantastic days in New Orleans with my parents. We are so far planning jazz, bowling, eating, jazz, cajun music, cajun food, oysters, cajun dancing, jazz, more eating. And maybe a museum.
This weekend we will do the Halloween thing. I told the kids that they could pick any costume out of their dress up box. They have quite a few and have been spending lots of afternoons trying them on and showing them off. The picture above is from one of those days. The big kid is Lilliana. They have a school party on Friday and then we will do a Halloween parade in our friends' neighborhood on Saturday. Sunday is my Mom's birthday and I'm planning a big brunch for her and my grandmother so I don't know that we will do any actual Halloween activities on Halloween. That evening is free of plans and we haven't collapsed the wave of possibility yet.
Friday night, Michael is meeting me in Austin and we are spending the night there to help my friend Stacey celebrate her birthday with some karaoke. The kids will be doing a sleep-over at my mom's.
And that's that. I think I'm officially caught up. Hooray!

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