Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Food Allergies

I found out what may be causing my daily nausea. At the end of my rope and with some encouragement from my family, I went to see a doctor at the Austin Wellness Clinic. I had hesitated to see him before only because they don't accept insurance. I talked with the doctor a long time about my symptoms and he decided to give me a hormone test (which I haven't taken yet) and two blood tests. One blood test was for food allergies and the other was a test to see if I was gluten sensitive. I got the results back right after New Orleans and I was, indeed, allergic to quite a few foods that didn't show up on my skin test at the allergist. The doctor put me on a cleanse diet for 30 days to try and get rid of the toxins in my body and then I can reincorporate the foods I am not allergic to. Eventually we may begin to try and work back some foods that I am allergic to, but not for a while.
I am on day five of the cleanse. The first few days were awful as my caffeine withdrawal headaches were migraine level. I was also emotional and just felt sick all over. But then in the last two days I've felt better. More clear and most importantly, I have had NO NAUSEA. This is a miracle and I am so happy.
It will be a bit tricky as I head to Arkansas this weekend for a wedding because at that time on the cleanse I'll be drinking five shakes a day and only greens as real food, but I shall manage.
Here are the things I'm allergic to from highest to lowest:
Eggs (+2 on both types of allergy tests)
Baker's Yeast +3 (including nutritional yeast)
Brewer's Yeast +3 (including all vinegars and WINE and anything else fermented)
The next are all +2
White Potato
Tea (caffeinated)
and these are all +1
Navy Bean
Pinto Bean
Cow, Sheep and Goat Milk
Black and white pepper
Sesame (including oil and tahini so no more hummus)
The thing I haven't truly come to grips with yet is the end of my love affair with wine. Never have wine again or else feel horrible? What a terrible choice. But having felt so bad for so long, makes it seem a bit easier. I want to feel better. And I'm willing to make those sacrifices. At least for now. And that's your medical report from Casa Walter.
Now I've got to focus on someone's fouth birthday party...

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Mama Deb said...

Sorry to hear this, Amber. I recently did what sounds like the same test and the only off-the-charts item for me was brewer's yeast. I haven't eliminated the wine, but I have said goodbye to ever having beer again and have tried very hard to only eat sourdough bread that isn't made with yeast. Hope the elimination diet does the trick and that one day you can reintroduce some of those things back into your diet!