Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wedding in Arkansas

Last weekend I packed up the boys, kissed Michael good-bye and flew with my mom and dad, sister and nephew to Little Rock. (Michael couldn't go because he had to work.) Then we rented a car and drove another two and half hours north into the Ozarks where we met up with the rest of our family to celebrate my cousin Jackie's wedding.
My uncle and aunt have a gorgeous ranch there called the Rafter D. The wedding was held at the ranch and it was absolutely beautiful. My cousin Marcie was there with her family (and new baby!) and my grandparents had driven up in their trailer. We all stayed in a small bed and breakfast in Melbourne (about 15 minutes away) called Ashley House.
The boys had a blast with all their boy cousins. They played in the dirt all day and were in heaven. They dug out a race course for their monster trucks, wrestled, rode a horse, played football and set up boobie traps under the wooden footbridge. I got a tour around the ranch with my cousin Lane, snuggled my cousin Clayton's new baby, had wonderful chats with my blood sister/cousin Marcie, snuggled her new baby, watched my baby cousin get married, celebrated Sam's fourth birthday, laughed until I cried with my sister and mom and dad and had an all around good time.
I definitely want to go back there for a family reunion again. Enjoy the pictures. XO!

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