Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sam Rides a Bike

Sam has learned to ride a bike! After two hard days of practicing, Sam has learned how to ride a two-wheeler with no training wheels. For the last year he has been very anxious to quit chasing his brother on foot and learn to chase him on a bike. Davis learned when he was three and a quarter, but it was still summer when Sam was that age and it was too hot for mommy and daddy to teach him then. Finally, with the kids out of school for Christmas break and Sam showing strong motor skills, I decided to give him a chance to learn.
He excitedly donned his pads and helmet and raced outside, but when confronted with the actual bike, he became pretty apprehensive (screaming no, laying on the floor, sobbing). After I bribed, threatened and coerced him onto the bike, he was extremely happy. I had the ez-trainer hooked up, and we were off. He insisted we go off-roading and laughed wickedly and gleefully each time we headed into the grass.
Finally after a day of practice, excitement, tears (both mine and his, I did a rolling leap to save him from a fall and really injured my shoulder- I realized retrospectively that I'm too old to be doing that.) he figured it out! He now goes pedaling off whispering something under his breath about beating Davis in the race.
We bought him a new bike yesterday of his very own. It is a yellow transformers bike called bumblebee. Sam has deemed it, "cool". Check him out!


Evelyn said...

Good job Sam! I hate to be one of those old people who say things like "I remember when I learned to ride a bike on gravel streets in Syracuse, NY" but I guess I am. Nice blog Amber, feel free to link to mine # Have a wonderful Christmas, love to all.


cheris said...

Wow... a true mother you are. How's the shoulder? ;)

Chris and Stacey said...

We love you for a thousand reasons. Among them? You posted the barrel roll!! It's a beauty. If only we could have seen the painfully extended cut where the cinematographer does nothing--repeat, NOTHING--to help either his kid who faceplanted or his wife who nearly broke the driveway with her shoulder.

Oh yeah, and Sam's great on the bike, yadda yadda yadda.

BenitaT said...

ha-ha. Love your leap and roll!

one of my favorite videos is when jack learned how to ride a bike. You can hear us yelling "Yeah! go Jack Go!" as he rides right into a tree!