Friday, December 31, 2010


Michael and I have been having a stay-cation this week. It's been really fun. We had happy hours with our friends Stacey and Chris and Elizabeth and Zach. We played Wii games and let the kids run wild. We had a playdate with an old friend and her children and it was so wonderful to reconnect. We bought a new piece of furniture for Michael's office and created a warm, clean, elegant man cave for him. (this took several days as it was a disaster area to begin with). We spent a day in Austin with mom and dad, visiting the condo, shopping at Border's, having sushi lunch and enjoying the playground and ice cream at South Park Meadows. We did a lot of home improvement chores. For Christmas we received season passes for the whole family for Sea World San Antonio from my parents. Yesterday we used our passes for the first time and spent the day at Sea World with the kids and Lilliana. It was perfect weather and a lot of fun. The kiddie rides were closed for remodeling, but we saw quite a few shows and I rode a roller coaster with Lilli. Tonight we'll ring in the New Year with our friends while the kids snooze at G.G. and Gramp's. (Well, we'll celebrate the holiday anyway, I can't make any promises of making it to midnight. I'm a morning person and so are the kids.) And today I've spent the day planning a June trip to France to attend the Django Reinhardt festival. Tomorrow we are planning to drive up to Stonewall and go to a Black-eyed Pea festival and perhaps spend the night. We'll see. We have to be back Sunday to get our ducks all in row for school and work to begin. In the meantime, we LOVE stay-cation. (not enough to quit traveling, but enough to do it in between vacations). XO!

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