Monday, December 20, 2010

Sugar Land Christmas

After book club holiday party, we woke up early, threw the children in the mini-van and drove to Sugar Land. We were excited to go spend time with Michael's parents and celebrate an early Christmas with them. The kids were thrilled to arrive and see Grandma and immediately went to her garage to play with the toys she had waiting for them there.
After a while, Grandpa came home his Exchange club Christmas present distribution and Michael's Uncle Roy and his cousin's family all came over as well. We had a big lunch and spent all afternoon together. Uncle Roy had brought cookies for everyone to decorate and they all had a great time. (I missed this part as I was busy having a long winter's nap).
After we put the kids to bed we sat around the table and had great conversations. It was so good to be with family. We all went to bed early to prepare for a super special activity in the morning.
Before the sun came up, we dressed in our warmest clothes, put the kids in a wagon and walked a mile or so up the road to watch the demolition of the Imperial Sugar Factory. I personally would have rather stayed in bed, but Michael and the kids were very excited about the whole thing and it was fun to see their joy. We watched the building explode and then came home to open Christmas presents around the tree. We all enjoyed giving and receiving and then we sprawled around the living room and played a game together.
For lunch we headed out to Japaneiro's where i had my first post-cleanse restaurant meal. It was delicious! We then walked around the Sugar Land town square and admired the beautiful tree in the center. Before we headed out of town we visited Uncle Roy's home. He has three Christmas trees all decorated to the nines. It was wonderful!
It was a whirl wind weekend, but totally full of cheer. Enjoy the pictures. XO!

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