Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Port Aransas

We spent our Thanksgiving weekend in Port Aransas this year. It was wonderful. We drove down Wednesday afternoon. Mom and Dad and Tiff and Keith and Kade and Keith's parents were all there already. On Thanksgiving day we played on the beach and then we all contributed dishes to create a huge, healthy, delicious, gourmet dinner. We had scallops and redfish and turkey and ham. We had homemade rolls and brown rice pilaf and roasted sweet potatoes. There were roasted sugar snap peas and roasted asparagus and celery, green apple and walnut salad as well as a huge bowl of fruit salad and two kind of cranberry relish. There were also deviled eggs and cheese and crackers for appetizers. Then we had four types of pie. Delish, all of it.
After our late lunch we headed over to the Sand Castle to play on the beach with our friends Stacey and Chris. The weather was changing and the sun was setting, but we spent a good hour laughing and then headed back to our condo.
Friday morning Michael and I did all of our Christmas shopping online. By lunchtime our friends Cheris and Rob and their kids joined us at the condo. We were so happy! The kids immediately started playing and Kade joined us as well. The weather had turned freezing, but we still managed to venture out to the beach to race and play. Stacey and Chris came over and we had a happy hour and let the kids play some more.
On Saturday morning I addressed all my Christmas cards and did a bit more online Christmas shopping and then we went into town with the whole family and shopped a bit and took our traditional pictures in the shark's mouth. We also went to the fabulous kite store and bought some new kites. We went home and the guys took the kids to fly their kites on the beach while Cheris rested (she was sick with a cold) and I spent some time hanging out with my parents. That evening we ate a nice dinner and relaxed some more.
It was a very wonderful, very calm and very fullfilling weekend. I am so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends and such a beautiful place to spend the holiday. We are thankful for so much.

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cheris said...

We had SO much fun (despite the snot and germs and general lame-ness). Thanks!!