Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Confederate Airforce Hangar, a Tomblin Family reunion and more.

Well. I had a craptastic week. It was one of those weeks where I just couldn't do anything right. I put my foot in my mouth a lot and seemed to alienate people and said yes to too many things and then got overwhelmed. And I had terrible lady troubles and Michael went to Delaware and when he came back he was sick etc, etc, etc. Yuck. Yuck. But this week seems to be a bit better.
And even during the craptastic week we still managed to have some fun. We actually had some pretty amazing high points.
We took the boys out to the Confederate Airforce Hangar and Museum. They loved it beyond measure. They didn't want to leave. Davis is desperate to have his birthday party there. Michael and I both enjoyed it as well.
After the museum we headed out to Pinnacle Cheer for Rowan's birthday party. It was full of friends and the kids bounced and ran and played. We could only stay a short while before we had to dash out and head for my parents house for the Tomblin Family Reunion.
The house was full of Tomblins. We hadn't had a reunion in five years and I hadn't seen several of them since our wedding. It was amazing to reconnect with that side of my family. We took a page from the Walter family reunion and sat in the living room and did family updates. This was a great way to catch up with everyone. We also gathered contact information and took tons of pictures. We hope to get together again soon- possibly in May. Unfortunately, my lady problems sent me home early from the gathering, but Michael and the boys stayed and had a good time until Michael started feeling worse from his cold. They came home and I put the kids down and Michael fell asleep for what would be thirteen hours in a row.
Sunday we made it out to church where Michael and I led the singing and then we all headed home and collapsed. It was a lazy ending to a long, difficult, yet fun weekend.

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