Monday, January 17, 2011

Monster Truck Jam

Michael and I took the boys to the Monster Truck Jam at the Alamodome yesterday. I love doing things I've never done before and it was certainly different from my usual form of entertainment. We had a great time.
We knew the secret way to the parking lot and bypassed an hours worth of traffic. It was awesome. We had packed my purse full of snacks and warned the kids that we weren't buying anything and it actually worked! The truck show itself was fun. Those monster trucks are really, really, really big. And very loud. The kids wore noise blocking earphones and we wore ear plugs. It was amazing to watch these enormous machines maneuver around the race track and leap many feet through the air. I loved watching the boys watch the truck. And when I say boys I include my husband. He was just as enamored with the big trucks. After about 2.5 hours it got a bit repetitive and just as I was wishing I'd brought my kindle, the boys' attention waned and we snuck out, but we really enjoyed the whole afternoon. I highly recommend it.

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