Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rockin' the New Year

And now after the introspective, reflective post, I have to be super quick, because the time for blogging is over and Michael and the kids are ready for my attention. But I wanted to post about our new year celebrations. We were invited to a fabulous Beatles and Brews party by our friends Elizabeth and Zach and Stacey and Chris. My grandparents offered to let us put the kids down at their house and we were off. We had a couple of drinks at the Embassy Suites first because the party didn't start till 9, but then we headed over. It was a great party. They had lots of food and fun decor and we had a lot of laughs. Cheris and Rob came too and we were so happy to get to celebrate the new year with our little circle of friends. They had beer tasting (I could only smell them because of my allergies, but that was still fun) and then they played the Beatle's Rock Band Wii game. We only stayed for a bit of that, because I am wuss about staying up late when I know I have to get up early in the morning (oh how we long for a morning after sitter!). I felt bad about leaving my friends and I REALLY wish I was a night person, but it was awfully nice to get the kids, throw them in their beds, put on fuzzy pajamas and snuggle into my bed with my husband just in time to hear the fireworks from the neighborhood behind our house and share a new year kiss with my love before falling asleep.
New Year day we woke up early, (thanks kids!) and got dressed and headed up to Stonewall to spend the day with my parents and Uncle larry and Aunt Joyce. We spent about an hour and a half at the farmhouse and then headed into Fredericksburg. We went ice skating in the park (briefly), tasted at Rustlin'Bobs, shopped at the General Store, had lunch at Rathskellar's and shopped a bit more. Then we headed home to relax, build a fire and eat a nice warm dinner. It was a beautiful day and a lovely way to start the new year.

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