Thursday, January 13, 2011


I haven't blogged because I've been busy! I started working as a personal assistant to my dad. I really love it. I really love spending time with him and being helpful. I've spent all my free time reading, hiding under a blanket with a fire, and catching up on old Top Chef episodes. Our weekend was cleaning, cooking, shopping, churching and spending time with our friends.
But things are good. We've nailed down our trip to Europe. We're really going! I'll share all the details in another post, but in short, we're spending a week in France at the Django Reinhardt festival and another week in Italy in Tuscany and ending with a couple of days in Paris. We also made a plan for our trip to New Orleans in a couple of weeks. And that's not all. We've been filling up our calendar through the summer with many plans.
This weekend we're headed out to the MONSTER TRUCK jam, so stay tuned for photos. XO! me

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