Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Broken Thumb

I broke my thumb today. It is fractured through the knuckle. I was parking my dad's car in the Guero's parking lot in Austin. I locked the car, tossed the keys in my purse and then went to close the corvette door. The wind gusted and the door slammed shut on the top knuckle of my right hand. I screamed for my dad to help, but it took a while for him to find the keys. In the meantime, I sprained my hand trying to yank it out.
After my hand was released, I dramatically fell to the ground. Some man in the parking lot and my dad helped me into the restaurant where I asked for a table for three, almost threw up and then passed out.
They set me at the closest table, gave me a glass of ice water, and some ice for my hand. I laid my head on the table and somehow managed to get my phone dialed for my dad's assistant, Denise who was supposed to meet us there. She showed up a few minutes later and helped calm us all down. We ate lunch and I came out of shock. After an hour I drove us back to San Marcos and straight to the doctor's office. They saw me right away, took x-rays and declared it broken. I was fitted for a splint and given a prescription for pain meds which I am currently enjoying.
I see an orthopedic specialist on Tuesday since the knuckle is damaged. It should heal in a month and then I may have to do some therapy. We will know more after I see the specialist. Right now it's super swollen and has a smashed, purple and black dented look. It doesn't hurt right this second thanks to the pain meds, but I still feel a bit shaky and nauseous.
Wish me quick healing vibes please. i miss having full use of my dominate hand. XO, me


Becky Johnson said...

Ouch! I am so sorry. That sounds just awful.

cheris said...

Holy Crap! I can't believe that happened! I also can't believe you typed this post.
Calling you tomorrow...