Monday, February 14, 2011

Darkside Fermentation

Last night Michael and I went out a day early to celebrate Valentine's. We went to the first anniversary of Darkside Fermentation at the Root Cellar Restaurant. It was awesome. We shared this date night with our fabulous friends Stacey and Chris and had so much fun. I took a magic pill that is supposed to allow you to eat things you are allergic to and then I drank beer! We tasted five different kinds of beers, ate a yummy bison burger and caught a bit of the great music they had there. So. fun. Get thee to the Root Cellar and try the beers!
Of course, when we got home we found our new sitter at her wit's end with our devious children and our extremely stinky dogs who had apparently, been skunked again. Oh well, can't have things too perfect around here.

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