Monday, February 14, 2011

Fairy Party

A couple of weeks ago, Davis' long-time friend Violet had a birthday party. Violet's mom, Cheris called me and asked if Davis would like to come. Apparently, Violet was allowed to invite six friends and they were all girls except for Davis. And the theme was fairies. So would Davis like to go to an all girl fairy party for Violet? You bet he would! He was thrilled and swore none of it mattered except for getting to spend the day with his girl.
The party was really fun. Sam and Violet's little brother added to the boy contingent and they all had a blast. The kids decorated their own fairy wings (Davis put flames on his), played "hunt the fairy" and "fairy, fairy, troll" and thoroughly enjoyed whacking a pinata. It was good times. We ALL (kids included) have great friends.

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cheris said...

It would've been a disaster if Davis hadn't come! He's an awesome kid. The other night Violet went to bed thinking about him so she could "send him dreams". She woke up and said she dreamed about them building a fort together. ;)