Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend in New Orelans

We had a whirlwind vacation over the last few days. We flew out at the crack of dawn on Thursday and returned late Saturday evening. We went to New Orleans without the children and though the weather was never over 40 degrees and it rained almost the entire time, we still managed to rock New Orleans. We had a plan and adapted when necessary. We found great bars and food and music, laughed a lot and generally had an amazing time. It was a bonding trip with great friends. We had no fights, lots of interesting conversation and many wonderful memories made.
Here's what we did:
Thurs: Arrive 9:20AM
Go to Coulis on Magazine (formerly the Bluebird)
Walk up Magazine and peek at shops till we get to Whole Foods
Stock up on food and head home
Have celebratory drink
Trolley to Quarter, walk down Bourbon till we get to Frenchman Street
See Miss Sophie Lee at the Spotted Cat at 6PM
Eat at the Praline Connection.
Take taxi home at end of night

Friday: Breakfast at home
Lounge about condo and read and listen to cajun music and have cocktails.
Head on trolley to the Quarter.
Drink beer and white martinis at Hotel Monteleone- Carousel Bar
Walk down Royal Street and stop in art galleries
Drink in the bar, Lafitte on St. Phillip and Royal
Streetcar home.
Order in Thai food
Head out to the Rockn'bowl
Come home late!

Clean condo and run laundry
Lunch in quarter (po'boys!)and walk Jackson Square.
Back to condo to grab luggage
Head to airport.

I really, really didn't want it to end. This is the first trip where I didn't really ache for the children while we were gone. We just had a blast almost all the time. I am so grateful for my parents for being so generous with their condo, to southwest for having a great sale and to fabulous friends who know how to rock a vacation.

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