Monday, March 28, 2011

Cirque Dralian

Michael bought me tickets to Cirque de Soleil's Dralian for my birthday. On Friday night we dressed up and took off for San Antonio and the show. The car ride was lovely with a sweet card from my husband and wonderful conversation.
Once there, we grabbed a cocktail at the stand, but the only mixer they had available was pineapple juice. I'm allergic to pineapple, but I figured I'd try it any way.
We took our (fabulous) seats and began people watching. It's amazing the difference in the San Antonio crowd from the Austin crowd. Those are two very different cities. The show began and it was pretty great. It wasn't our favorite show, (we've seen lots of the Cirque shows), but it was far better than the regular circus or that knock-off show Cirque Dreams. We loved the juggler and the trampolines and the vertical wall.
Unfortunately, it turns out that i am not okay with pineapple. About halfway through the first act I began itching and swelling all over. I had to remove all my rings and jewelry and control the scratching. It took some of my attention away from the show, but I still had a wonderful birthday treat. Thanks, Honey!

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