Saturday, March 5, 2011

Liza Minelli

On Thursday night I loaded up the mini-van with Grandma, Gramp, Mom, Dad, my mother-in-law, we headed to Austin, met with my sister and all took our places front and center to see Liza Minelli at the Long Center. Michael was out of town and my father-in-law volunteered to put the kids down. My mom had bought us all tickets as a present. We were all very excited.
And then Liza appeared. Then she sang. Poor Liza. She has so much pizzaz, and stage presence, and sparkle. She's a legend, but she just can't sing anymore, bless her heart. She can't sing at all. She is also tiny and FRAGILE. As my sister put it, she puts the meaning into the phrase, "shake it, don't break it". We were worried about her.
But the girl can still act. Her timing was impeccable and her band was fabulous. I loved her patter in between songs. And the songs were well chosen and some were pretty clever.
It was an interesting experience, but it might be time for her to retire. Bless her heart.

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cheris said...

That's how I felt about Elaine Stritch during A Little Night Music. So uncomfortable. But she didn't seem to mind.