Monday, March 28, 2011

Long Center 3rd Birthday Gala

On Saturday morning, we picked up my Dad and followed Michael on his vespa up the winding back roads to Austin. We dropped off our stuff at the condo and went out to lunch. Then Dad and I began getting ready for our big night out. We were going to the VIP Gala at the Long Center to celebrate their third anniversary and see a concert with Harry Connick, Jr.! My dad is on the board and my mom was out of town so I got to be his date!
The dress was cocktail attire and/or purple because that's the Long Center's signature color. We got pretty and took some prom like photos and then drove to the Center. We had valet parking and a purple carpet to walk up to the door on. We were greeted with sixth row tickets stage right (so we could see his fingers on the keys!) and purple slap bracelets that enabled us to drink for free all evening. Then we were ushered into an elevator taking up to the cocktail reception.
I was a little daunted to be surrounded by a bunch of people I didn't know, but we were approached by some lovely people and we quickly made friends. The waiters circled with fancy appetizers and little tasting drinks. I loved my gin with mint and the lady next to me had an organic jalepeno margarita.
After the cocktail party, we headed into the donor lounge for a fancy dinner. We found out table and met our seat mates. I sat next to a nice couple who own all the twin liquors! Dad and I table hopped and chatted with lots of politicians and donors for the long centers. I felt very fancy and very young. It was an older crowd.
The dinner was wonderful and the service smooth. They did a great job with the event and the flowers, music, wine and food all were perfect. It was fun to look out the windows at our table and watch the people who were just coming to the concert arrive.
The concert itself was great. Harry is funny! I loved watching him play the heck out of the piano and his patter is absolutely hilarious. He had a great trombone player come out about halfway through and he added a lot of energy and fun to the second half. I wish I could have taken pictures of the concert, but it wasn't allowed.
I love the Long Center and I am so glad that we are able to participate in helping such a wonderful arts center flourish in our home.

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