Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lucky Tomblin Band at Cheatham Street

Saturday was extremely windy. Crazy windy. We weren't sure we should go outside. After a random rain storm mid-morning though, the sun came out and we decided we might venture out. We drove to the town square and celebrated the newly re-opened farmer's market. Then we drove home and I cooked lunch and then napped (I'm fighting an evil cold) while Michael and his dad cleaned out and organized our garage and Martha played with the boys! It was great!
After a productive day, our new sitter came over and Martha and Clark and Michael and I went out to dinner at Texas Reds, a fabulous local steakhouse. The food was delicious and we really had a nice time chatting grown-up style.
When we finished our delicious dinner, we drove two blocks to Cheatham Street club where my dad's band was playing. My whole crew was there. Michael and I have built this great group of friends here and they all showed up and we made a great evening of it. Stacey, Elizabeth, Zach, B.G., Jamaal, Anne, Jeff, Daniel, my mom, my cousin Manie. It was a blast. The band was fantastic and we all two-stepped and laughed and chatted and laughed some more. Martha and Clark seemed to enjoy the band as well. It was a great night. I wish we could have stayed even longer, but then we would need a morning-after sitter.
There is talk of doing regular gigs there. If that happens, I would beg for a repeat. So much fun. I love living here and spending time with my friends and family.

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