Thursday, April 7, 2011

Davis' 6th Birthday

Here are a few pictures of the Davis celebrating his birthday on the actual day. There wasn't a rock band that day, but it was still fun.
I also wanted to report on my sweet boy. We are really enjoying him these days. He has endless questions about the world around him, especially in the car. (Isn't that the best time to talk to kids? I try to be patient and answer them.) He loves anything "classic". He loves steam trains and classic cars and old fighter planes from WW1 and WW2.
Davis takes gymnastics and rides his bike and roller skates around the house and swims like a fish. He is a boy who loves to move and is good at it.
Davis has a strong work ethic and a long attention span. He loves to be read to for as long as you are willing. He is a good student at school and gets along well with others. Davis is outgoing and super-social. He's sensitive to what is going on around him and is very aware. He and Sam are still best friends, but he has a great group of little kids he likes to play with, both boys and girls in equal proportion.
He loves science and plans to be a scientist when he grows up. Or a super hero. When I told him he needed a super power to be a super hero he reminded me about Batman. When I told him he would need a lot of money to be like Batman, he reminded me of Robin. He says he will find a rich man to be Batman and then he can be his Robin. A Robin who does science. He's got it all figured out.
Stubborn and occasionally defiant, Davis has a strong will, but he seems to have much more control over his temper than he did before and is now more willing to let things roll over him instead of upsetting him. He is becoming very helpful around the house and even says "I love you", on occasion.
Change is still scary to Davis and he is still very sensitive to tense atmospheres, but overall, he is a very well rounded little boy. He is certainly a joy to his mama if you can't already tell. I love him so. Happy Birthday, baby!

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