Monday, April 4, 2011

Jake and The NeverLand Pirates Birthday

Thursday was Davis' real birthday. My first born turned six. They celebrated his day at school and he came home with a birthday corsage. I made cupcakes and he opened his presents from us and Mom and Dad and Uncle Larry came over and had cupcakes with him. He was very pleased.
On Saturday we threw him a party. I meant it to be small. I was going to have the bouncy house we won in the silent auction at the CASA event and let him invite five friends. But then Michael's new daddy band, the "Pappy Hour", offered to play the party and things began to grow and grow.
The birthday had a Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme and everyone dressed up as pirates. I downloaded invitations off of the disney website and mailed them in blue and green envelopes. Then I went online and bought a bunch of gold doubloons, fake jewels, and pirate tattoos.
We held the party on our back patio. The weather was a bit drizzly in the morning and I was nervous, but the sun came out and it became a clear, though hot and humid, afternoon. We put out some tables and moved the furniture around. I decorated with a pirate themed table cloth as well as green ones and blue napkins and forks. I put out two cases of beer (for the grown-ups) and three cases of boxed milks (for the kids) in metal buckets. I also put out a blue water cooler with a spigot for easy access. We did a pin the treasure on the treasure map and the kids bounced in the bounce house which they pretended was Jake's neverland hideout. I had sparkle sticks left over from our friend's fairy party and Davis covered all his friends with "fairy dust" so that they could fly higher when they jumped in the jumpy house.
We ordered the cake from our local bakery, Pennington's. I had won a gift certificate to them in the Montessori fundraiser and I was really looking forward to trying out their cakes. I sent them the link to the Jake and the Neverland pirates website and asked for a half chocolate, half strawberry cake per Davis' request. It turned out so cute and though I couldn't taste it myself (stupid allergies!), everyone said it tasted really good, especially the strawberry side.
After the cake, Pappy Hour performed all dressed up in their pirate gear. They were awesome! I had never heard Michael sing before and he is really good! They were all great and I am so proud. (They wives are all now their groupies) They ended their set with "Space Unicorn" and shot off marshmallow guns into the audience. The kids loved it!! Davis played his guitar with most of the songs and took it so seriously. It was really cute.
After the band ended, we opened presents and handed out the goody bags which included a pirate rubber ducky, more tattoos, gold and silver bars of chocolates and mardi gras beads. I'd wrapped these up in little treasure chest bags. A few people left, but a lot of people decided to stay. (and we were glad! nobody wanted the party to end!
We lounged around and the band began to jam. Michael and I busted out our big bag of mardi gras beads and went around handing out handfuls of "treasure". The kids kept bouncing and the grown-ups danced and chatted and opened the third case of beer. I really got to relax and enjoy the party. It was a fun party for me and I hope it was for all of our friends as well. Davis told me when he woke up the next morning that it was the best six year old birthday party ever, so I feel pretty good. And that's the report on party! Now I can rest for a few months till we gear up for Michael's 40th!

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