Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Buddha Day, New Bar, Pool Party and Rock of Ages

We had a very busy week. On Tuesday we celebrated Buddha Day. We decorated the table with flowers and candles, the kids colored numerous Buddhist flags and we gave gifts to everyone at our ranch happy hour.
On Friday I loaded up the kids and drove to Zelick's Icehouse, a new bar in our little town that we were very excited about. I felt a little odd, taking my children into a bar alone, so I waited until Stacey and Chris got there with their children and we all went in and took over the bocce ball corner. It was a great bar, but I'm not really sure it's kids friendly. If only they had food. I will definitely go there again without them though.
Saturday we had a pool party at Casa Pacifica and had a fabulous time. Good company, good wine and good grilling. I love having the pool to go to in the summer. It's pretty much my favorite thing to do. (other than traveling of course.)
On Sunday we attempted to go to church, but my battery died and so we spent the hour in the Autozone parking lot instead. After that exciting diversion, I attended a baby shower at Palmer's and Michael took the boys out for frozen yogurt. Sunday afternoon we dropped the boys off at my parents' house and jetted off for San Antonio. We went out for dinner at Acenar (tableside guacamole!) on the River Walk and then went to the Majestic Theatre to see Rock of Ages. This awesome evening was planned and arranged by Stacey and Chris, but at the last minute, Stacey got sick and they weren't able to go with us. We were disappointed not to get to spend the evening with our friends, but we did enjoy being out on a date very much. The restaurant was delicious and the weather divine. The show was silly and a bit campy, but the voices were good and the seats were wonderful. Thank you, Stacey and Chris!!!
We picked up the kids late and fell into bed. It was a fun, exhausting weekend.
Drink, Eat, and Be Merry. Love, me

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