Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the Year Picnic, Swing Festival and Fundraiser

We had the boys' end of the year picnic last night. It was so humid and yucky that I wasn't sure I wanted to go. (I had a fever/headache virus on Wed-Thurs and was still recovering). I also had a terrible day on Friday and was emotionally exhausted, but I'll do anything for my boys and so I cooked up a dish to share and we drove out to the park. The kids sang and mom and dad came to watch them. Then we all had a delicious potluck. The montessori moms put out a great spread, I have to say.
We got the kids to bed late and then I curled up on the couch with a great book (I'm reading the Game of Thrones series) and watched a big thunderstorm roll in. We really needed the rain and I love sleeping through a summer storm.
This morning we worked out, cleaned the house and got ready to meet some friends at the Texas Swing Festival on the courthouse lawn. The weather was still muggy, but not intolerable and we really enjoyed the festival. The music was swinging and the kids each got a wooden gun. We've never let them have any toy guns in the house of any kind so this is a pretty big deal. I figured since they pretend all their toys are guns anyway it really doesn't matter. We watched a really cute show with horses and dogs and the kids watched some cowboys at the forge.
After a quick lunch, we headed out for a local coffee shop where our friend was hosting a fundraiser. We spent several hours there watching the kids get their faces painted, talking to friends and listening to music. It was a really relaxing afternoon.
Now we are home for a few hours before we get ready to go out again. We have a sitter coming for the boys and Michael and I are going out to dinner with my parents and then we are going to watch my dad's band play at Cheatham Street. I'm looking forward to it.
In less than a week we'll be leaving for Arkansas and in less than a month we'll be in Europe. I can't wait!!!

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