Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Dad has Alzheimer's Part 2

My dad is brilliant and charming and full of swagger. My dad is poet. When I was a little girl I often mixed up my dad and Bob Dylan.
My dad dreams big. He has an idea and then he has the balls to just do it. He has made and lost several fortunes that way. My dad is an ancient Christian Buddhist who believes in Navajo. My dad is a first class groover.
My dad has early onset Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's has taken his brain and filled it with plaques and tangles and it makes it hard for him to remember. This has been so hard. Hardest for him. Hard for everyone. Alzheimer's is a cruel disease. For eight years we have struggled. We, as a family, have watched the disease creeping into our lives. My dad calls it "the storm".
It can isolate someone. But we won't let it. My dad still has a lot up his sleeve. He still has so much to contribute. He's way too young to hang with the geriatrics and he has always been so, so social. He still plays in his band and it so good. He is still rocking in many ways.
I want to use my blog to reach out. To let you know the positive and the negative. To know that this disease is here to stay, but to give you a chance to stay in moment with us. Maybe we can do this together. In a positive way.
There is a great video I really want to share with you. Take three minutes and watch it if you will. It explains a lot about the disease and our path. If the above video doesn't work, you can try the link below.
Check it out http://youtu.be/7_kO6c2NfmE.


cheris said...

So I've been thinking about this a lot over the years. I really admire your whole family and especially your parents. I think they are amazing. In fact, I look to them as an example of how to have a wonderful relationship with my children when they are adults. (Let me know if your dad has any good advice on raising daughters. He obviously did a great job.) So what I'm saying is that, although this is not a situation I'd want anyone to be in, your family is better equipped to make the best of it than anyone else I know. You all are such a great team. Not that it isn't the hardest thing ever... I'm just glad you all have each other.
(BTW, where is the Part 1 post? I'm not seeing it...)

Amber said...

Thanks Cheris. We are also glad everyday that we have each other.
Part 1 is hidden in April. I just couldn't like having at the top.