Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I want to tell you about a really dangerous intersection near where we live. Over the years I have seen many traffic accidents including three fatalities. People zoom thorugh the intersection and crash through the fence. These accidents have become more frequent since they built the new high school and traffic increased at the intersection. On average I would say that we have one every two weeks or so. The way the intersection is laid out, it is very difficult to determine right-of-way, and there is a curve that sends countless cars zooming off the road and into the fences and pastures.
I hate this. I'm so worried that someone I know and love is going to die or be injured here. I call the county commissioner and I called TX Dot and I talked to both and got some information. TX Department of Transportation is aware of the situation and is monitoring the number of accidents. They have determined the crash frequency to be moderate to high, but we as ranch owners know that there are far more accidents that occur than are reported. People don't always call the cops, but we know how many times we've had to fix the fence.
I'm asking you to help us improve the safety of this intersection. When I spoke to our county commissioner she believed a petition might help TXDoT to provide us with the safety measure we need. The more signatures we can get, the better.
I am deeply concerned that more fatalities will occur at this intersection if we don't take steps to improve the safety. Please help by signing your name to petition and passing it on. Put it on your facebook. Send an email to Don Nyland at TX DOT. His email is Sign this petition! You can find the link HERE.

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