Monday, June 27, 2011

Anghieri and an Italian cooking class.

This morning the kids woke up early and we put a movie on for the and dozed for another hour. The family style dinners here don't end until 11, but the kids still wake up around 6:30. After we finally got up we had a quick breakfast and loaded into the car for an adventure into the Italian countryside. WE drove into Anghieri (about 15 minutes away) knowing nothing much about it except for the fact that there were supposed to be spectacular views of the Tiber River valley.
We first stopped at a playground above the city overlooking the valley. Then we drove down a beautiful narrow street city that led straight into the valley and was surrounded on both sides by a medieval village. the town is in the middle of a festival celebrating their great battle of 1440. It was decked out in banners and their were flowers everywhere. We bough postcards, toured a museum of the history of the Tiber River and went to a wine shop where we tasted and purchased some Italian wines. We also found a gift shop and bought Sam a toy since he has been begging for one since we got here. Davis chose a model of a Vespa, of which Michael greatly approved, but Sam chose a western style six shooter. oh well, it made him happy.
We returned to the villa in time for another fabulous lunch and then we chatted with some of our new friends until time for our classes. The boys and their new friend "big" Sam went up to take an art class and Michael and I donned aprons to take a cooking class. there were four of us in our class and two instructors one of whom spoke English.
We learned to make fresh tagliatelle, ravioli with sage and butter sauce, gnocchi with truffle sauce, pizza, fried zucchini blossoms, eggplant Parmesan,and a grandmother's cake. It was so fun and a great experience to share with Michael. the kids loved their art class as well and enjoyed trying the food we made.
Now we'll read a bit before children's supper. We have met so many nice people and look forward to another boost gourmet dinner with all of our British friends.

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