Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cotta di Castelllo

Yesterday we drove about half an hour in a new direction to Citta di Castello. We visited a gorgeous museum and saw some great frescos and art including a famous Raphael paintin, though the religious depictions of saints being tortured made Davis a bit uncomfortable. Our kids spent the whole time at the museum as their alter egos, "whiney mcwhiner" and "endless questions" and both kids ended up in a huge fit so we didn't finish the museum and instead headed for the nearest gelateria for ice cream. Michael got a bit frustrated, but after a break, the kids calmed down and we moved on to an old farmhouse museum. The kids were interested even thought it was very hot by then it was getting close to lunch time. We found it interesting as well to see how they lived hundreds of years ago.
We came home for lunch and then headed straight to the pool where the kids played with their new best friend, Big Sam. After a couple of hours Big sam's parents and Michael and I dropped the kids off with a sitter in the courtyard and wandered up to the barn to take a yoga class. It was not a good work out, but it was very relaxing. Then we gave the children supper and put them to bed.
For the cocktail hour, Michael and I ordered a lovely bottle of local prossecco (the thing to drink here) and visited with all our new friends. We made our way to the table and had a fabulous night, laughing, really getting to know our friends and holding hands under the table. It is so romantic here.

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