Thursday, June 23, 2011

Django Festival

We decided to spend the day at home yesterday. I cooked up a huge lunch just for the fun of it. I made pasta and seafood and merguez sausages and harticot verts and roasted broccoli and cauliflower.
The kids slashed through the rain and got very muddy and loved every minute of it. Michael and I read our books and lazed around.
In the evening Mom stayed with the kids and dad and Michael and I drove across the river to the Django festival. we bought tickets, waited in line and were thrilled to enter the festival. We got cups of dry rose wine for two euros a glass and a big plate of paella. Vendor food in France is amazing! As we ate we chatted with some other travelers. we took our seats in the bleachers in the third row. the first act we saw was Antoine Boyer a thirteen year old who was amazing. Tiff and Keith joined us at the end of that act. We dashed off for French fries (fried in duck fat!) and more wine and all enjoyed the second act. There was a great stand up bass and the artist played true Django music.
We abandoned the music at that point and after a short stop for an ice cream cone we headed home.
it was so awesome. I love gypsy jazz.

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