Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family Meeting and Fontainebleau Dinner

We spent yesterday with the whole family at the villa holding our annual meeting. We had a good time and also had some meaningful conversations.
after a full day of being cooped up inside, the sun came out and so did we. The whole family tumbled outside for a rousing game of kickball which I thoroughly enjoyed until Michael forgot we weren't throwing the ball to get people out and smashed the ball hard into my face hurting my nose. He was, of course, extremely apologetic, but I took it as a sign that I just was not made for sports.
The game was fun to watch though. when it was over, we drove into Fontainebleau for dinner. It took a while to find a restaurant serving dinner at 6, but eventually we found one in a plaza right in front of an awesome carousel. the kids took two rides and loved it. We had delicious food and Kade and Davis tried escargot. Davis didn't love it, but that may have something to do with the fact that Davis has decided not to eat any meat anymore. He is a full fledged vegetarian and won't let any meat or fish cross his lips. Sam Sussex out of trying but wants another try later. I sampled the escargot and it was excellent. Kade agreed.
We drove home after dinner through some sort of big concert and then had a huge battle getting the kids down. Michael and Keith and mom and dad played bocce ball on the lawn while Tiff and I got the kids down. It was a lovely evening with warm sun and no rain.
It's about 59 degrees this morning and raining again. I don't mind. I'll be happy to curl up with my book. Tiff and fam have gone back to Paris today. We 'll explore around here today and this evening, mom and dad are babysitting so we can go to the first night of the Django Reinhardt festival. I 'm so excited. I still can't get pictures up here yet, but they are on my facebook page and I'll add them here when we get home.

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