Tuesday, June 21, 2011

France-Vulaines-Sur Seine

We are having a fabulous time here in France. the kids did great on our flight over. They each got about four hours of sleep on the plane and never napped the next day until bedtime (neither did we), but we all still kept in great spirits and enjoyed the moment. They fell asleep that night around 6 and slept the next day until 9 and have been on our regular sleeping schedule ever since.
Our villa is a beautiful old house that was truly once a grand dame and has now fallen in disrepair. We love it and think it is very charming. It is old and creaky and so cool, with three stories of hidden rooms under the eaves, and doors leading to hidden rooms. It reminds me of those books where they have weekend hours parties on the weekend and everyone dressed up in costumes and played games. the lawn is huge and has two resident ducks that are like pets and provide endless amusement. There is a tennis court and swing set and secret fort and the kids have found bicycles which Michael has repaired.
The weather is very cool and rainy. We never take our hoodies off, but the rain is a soft, gentle kind and we just keep on through it.
our first day here we just settled in, had lunch (moules and frites!) did a little grocery shopping and relaxed. Our second day, Tiff and fam went in to Paris on the train, while Mom and Dad and my clan drove across the Seine (about five minutes) to Samois Sur Seine where the Django Reinhardt festival will be held. We walked along the Seine and looked at barges and had a beautiful lunch in a restaurant decorated in Django memorabilia. Then we made a pilgrammage to Django's house and then explored the island where the festival will be held. these little towns are tiny and almost everything is walking distance. we've even found a little restaurant down the hill with a playscape called Sorcierre which will be our local hangout while we are here.
yesterday Michael and did some more grocery shopping with the boys and then had lunch in Fontainebleau with Tiff and Keith and Kade.
we met mom and Dad at Chateau Fontainebleau and we all did an audio tour of the palace. It was really amazing and so beautiful. the kids did well, but we were glad to head back to the villa and let them play outside while we drank French boxed wine and made a simple salad for our dinners. I put the kids down and played with Kade on the lawn before heading up to take a hot bath and read.
The house is quiet and cool this morning as I type this and it is raining again. today we will have our meeting and then maybe go do some boulder climbing in the forest if the rain clears. I haven't figured out yet how to add pictures from the iPad, but I will continue to work on it.

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too funny that they have French boxed wine!