Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hot And Dry

It's so hot here. I make the kids go out and play at 7:30AM and they come in complaining of the heat by 8:15AM. They want to ride their bikes in the afternoon, but after five minutes they come in melting underneath their helmets. I've had to make a rule of no playing outside if the temp is over 100 degrees.
There is also no rain. No rain, no rain. We are in a severe drought. Already the grass is brown and the ground is cracked. The ponds are drying up and the river is low.
And we had no spring this year. Just hot wind and no rain.
Michael and I are going to start watering our foundation in the hopes that our house doesn't crack like it did year before last.
Thank goodness my mom and dad have a pool and we are allowed to use it. It has made the afternoons bearable. It feels so nice to splash around and be cool for an hour or so every once in a while. And thank goodness we got a new airconditioning unit last spring. It has made this year so much better.
And most of all, thank goodness we are leaving on Friday! The forecast for France shows a high of 71 degrees most days and a low of 58 with partly cloudy skies. Ahhhh.
Cannot wait!

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