Friday, June 24, 2011


Yesterday at breakfast, we all decided to go on a day trip. I looked on line for medieval castles and found the ancient city of proving was only an hour away. Proving is a UNESCO world heritage site and is an old city that still functions that you can tour. there is an old fort, church and underground tunnels as well as an amazing wall that runs around the city. They also have a GREAT show with all sorts of jousting and knights and a love story and animals including real wolves, a camel, pigs, geese and goats. we watched the show with about three hundred French school children and it made it so much fun to watch it with their energy. It was way better than any show I've seen at a renaissance fair. We ate lunch in a cafe in the city and an English gentleman joined our table and gave us a history lesson on the town. It was really interesting.
After several hours of walking t he city we all stopped for ice cream and then headed back for our cars. My little family was exhausted so we walked down the hill to Sorcerie and had a quick supper while the kids played on the playscape. Tiff and Keith went back to the festival with mom and dad so Michael and I put the Kade and our boys down and read until bedtime.
today we will go bouldering and pack and then get on a train for Paris where we will switch stations and catch a night train for Italy.

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