Monday, June 27, 2011


Another long, fun filled dinner last night. We are making good friends here. we had an eggplant appetizer, a vodka, sausage pasta dish, saltimbocca and then grandmother's cake. Michael and I managed not to get too boozed up this time by alternating each glass of wine with a glass of water. When we got back to the room I chatted with my mom and dad on the phone. They are having a great time in Spain.
the kids woke up way too early this morning and that combined with the fact that Davis didn't fall asleep till ten has made him feel and act a bit rough today. Still, we've had a good day.
We spent the morning in Sansepolcro at their weekly market. I bought some truffles and the kids got some water guns for the pool and Michael got a very fine pair of black Italian shoes at a great shop near the market. this is what he has been wanting as his souvenir from Europe and we were happy to find a pair he loves.
WE poked around in an old church and walked through the walled city before we headed back to Villa PIa for lunch. This afternoon we spent almost three hours at the pool. I swam laps for along time and it felt good to get some exercise. I feel like I've put on five pounds in the last week.
I'm sitting on a hillside over looking the valley and watching Sam on the tube slide while I type this. In a minute Michael will switch with me and I'll go inside to use the Internet and research some more day trips. It is so wonderful to see Michael really relaxing here and becoming so much more easy going. This is such great place for all of us. Sam just asked me if we can stay here ten more days.

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