Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Fun

We've been having a great summer around here in between all these vacations. The kids have spent their days at Miss Annie's while Michael and I work, which they love and in the afternoons and evenings we've done lots of fun things together.
We've gone out with our friends to celebrate Zach's birthday. We also went up to Cheris and Rob's house for a great Sunday visit.
The boys got new bikes that fit each of them well and Sam has fallen head over heels in love with riding. It makes Davis so happy to have a buddy on a bike and they both have endless fun on their new bikes.
Sam and Davis have also watched the first Star Wars movie and think it's totally awesome. This was a big deal for Michael to share Star Wars with his kids and he is enjoying their enthusiasm. I bought some little star wars figures for the kids' carry-ons and I think they'll be thrilled.
I did lay leading at our church and presented my first reflection which was nerve wracking but fun all the same.
We've also continued our weekly ranch happy hours and spent lots of time in the pool with our friends.
Good times around here!

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