Monday, June 13, 2011

The Tony Awards

They were so good last night! I love Neil Patrick Harris. He is the best award show host ever. His duet with Hugh Jackman was my favorite part. Go youtube it.
Michael and I sat on the couch and made a night of it. we had so much fun! Those people truly put on the best awards show out there. Of course they do, they are used to bringing it live.
In the past I have mentioned the Tony's being a bit bittersweet for me because they reminded me of paths not taken. Well, that was not true this year. They were sweet from beginning to end (except for the Spiderman number which was extremely sour). Michael and I are so excited that we have tickets to see The Book of Mormon in August. We can't wait!
Much love to the Tony's! Can't believe so many people missed it to watch basketball, but to each their own. I guess. Suckers! You missed an awesome show!

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